As a superintendent of a K-12 school district, you have a lot to reflect on a daily basis. The safety of students and faculty, test scores, and the ability to communicate to your schools quickly and easily are always on your mind. 

Your district’s communication platform needs to be able to handle multiple tasks and disseminate messages to your intended audience in a simplified manner. From reaching the entire district or a single classroom, you need a unified solution that can readily perform based on what you need it to do.

Valcom has helped hundreds of districts just like yours connect and control existing or new systems including intercoms, paging, emergency notification, lockdown, evacuation and timekeeping.  

We can help increase your districts’ academic performance by providing a better learning environment through perfectly synchronized bell schedules and clocks.

We can give you the tools to allow you to perform school schedule changes like weather delays from just about anywhere.

We can provide an all-in-one communication platform for your daily needs that instantly switches to a mass notification system in the event of any emergency.

Whether you need to retrofit an outdated and less functional system, or you are beginning construction on a new school, we have the experience and expertise to design a long-term solution to meet your unique needs.

How Can We Help?

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