K-12 facility managers juggle multiple projects at once. They are generally responsible for the overall upkeep of school grounds and any maintenance issues that pop up on a day-to-day basis. Whether it is changing a light bulb to overseeing that all operating systems are functioning properly, schools can’t run at an optimum level without a competent facilities team.

Because many schools have older intercom and voice paging system, the facilities department is responsible for ensuring that those are working correctly so your school stays informed on daily updates and in times of an emergency. As schools begin to update their communication system from analog to IP-based, your facility department plays an important role in making sure the installation process goes smoothly. Updating to an IP-based system with using existing hardware, such as horns and speakers, takes expertise in understanding the school’s building infrastructure and cabling layout to make sure all the components are connected and working together.

With Valcom’s K-12 solutions, retrofitting outdated systems is easier and cost effective because you are able to use your existing cabling, speakers and horns. For schools that are under new construction or undergoing major renovations to install an IP-based solution, our software management tools are easy-to-use and require minimal training.

Installing a comprehensive communication system is a team effort from multiple departments, the end results is an all in one communication platform for your school’s daily needs.

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