IP Troubleshooting Guide

All default password default password is: level2
All (unless DHCP enabled) error: cannot fully update system Make sure laptop IP address is set up on same subnet Gen 2: DHCP enabling will not cause this error message
Gen 1 default IP address
Gen 2 default IP address Not needed when using DHCP
Gen 1 multicast UDP port # 4096 Must have multicast enabled
Gen 2 multicast UDP port # 4096, 4097 or 4098 Must have multicast enabled
All Mac address programming All gateway Mac addresses must be programmed on near and also far sites
Gen 2 cannot scan unit Make sure all signal connections are made before power is applied
VIP-812 busy signal; devices are setup correctly and are on two different subnets Make sure multicast is enabled; if not then build static cache tables. Newer tool is supposed to do this automatically