Unlike standard paging systems, an intercom allows a user to reply handsfree to a page or even initiate a handsfree conversation with the push of a button. Valcom has provided state-of-the-art intercom systems for over 35 years. Our offerings include systems with just a single zone up to systems with 10’s of thousands of zones! These systems are offered as analog, hybrid and full IP to meet your requirements now and well into the future.

  • District Wide Solutions
  • School Paging/Schedules/Clocks/Help Buttons
  • Door Entry Intercom/Control
Higher Education
  • Help Stations for Dorm Rooms and Halls
  • A/V Intercom/Help Call Points for Classrooms
  • Campus Emergency Telephones
  • Handsfree Capability for Operating Room/Lab
  • Help Stations in Garages, Tunnels, Storage Areas
  • Door Entry Point for Telephone System
  • Gate Entry Point, Local and Remote
  • Remote Facilities Pump Stations/Stables, etc
  • Warehouse and Freezer
  • Talkback Help Points for Elevators and Tunnels
  • Emergency Telephones
  • Airport Crash Systems
  • Platform Help Points
  • Help Stations for Tunnels

  • Platform Help Points
  • Airport Crash Systems
  • Terminal Security Intercom
General Purpose Door Entry/Control
  • Residential/Business  1– 4 Doors
  • IP Remote or Local, Door or Gate Platform Help Points
Talkback Analog (UTP Wiring)

Talkback Intercom Systems

Talkback IP

Talkback IP Intercom

Talkback Analog w/Call-In (UTP Wiring)

IP Intercoms

 Talkback IP w/Call-in (IP Network)

Talkback IP with Call-In

Door Entry Analog (UTP Wiring)

Door Entry Analog

Door Entry IP

Talkback IP Intercom