About Valcom Since 1977, Valcom has been providing the highest quality loudspeaker paging and telecommunication system enhancement intercom products. For nearly 15 years,  Valcom has supported IP loudspeaker paging to thousands of customers including large corporations, universities, State and Local governments, the military and smaller companies that have widely spread  operations. Valcom IP Solution provides highly reliable IP communications; IP Intercom Systems and IP based Multimodal Mass Notification Systems. Valcom’s products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in Roanoke, Virginia USA and include an extensive line of IP and analog page control interfaces, gateways, ceiling/wall speakers, paging horns, clocks, background music, power supplies and door entry systems. To learn more, please visit www.valcom.com.

About SinglewireSinglewire, based in Madison, WI develops and supports innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification capabilities. Main offerings include: InformaCast, InformaCast CK, PushToTalk, and DORA, and allow customers unprecedented control in designing mass notifications, assigning them to specific recipients, and determining the medium for dissemination—IP phones, IP speakers, email, etc.—all with the peerless capacity for customization to our customers’ specific environments. To learn more, please visit www.singlewire.com